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Want the mounts for your cameras to make videos like us?

Here’s a kit, that combined with what you get in your basic Go Pro package, will give you everything you need to mount up to 5 cameras to the airplane (3 external, 2 interior).  The ROCK STEADY mounting system we use for our videos gives us super stable footage and great angles.  Years ago when we first started out making videos, we had a lot of problems with vibration and “jello” effect in the videos, and now, have much more stable, crisp, and clear images.

This kit does not come with any cameras or housings for the cameras, however with just this kit and the basic parts included in your Go Pro camera package, you’ll be able to make videos just like you see in our Alaska series on YouTube

These mounts are a great way to capture your flights to show others, and to be able to analyze your landings and maneuvers after the fact if you are going through flight training, or just trying to improve your skills!


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